Moving at the speed of light is the new normal, but the new sweeping scope and restless pace don’t mean that all the old tools are useless. Far from it.

We’re PR professionals and media is our bread and butter. We take great pride in maintaining productive and healthy relations with our media contacts with the objective of getting positive coverage for our clients. We do this so you can focus on growing your business.

Media relations, like everything else we do, is never a one-size-fits-all strategy. Your targeted media outreach will need to be adapted specifically to your goals and objectives. You don’t have to be a genius to realise that launching a new fashion label is different from launching a new mobile app or a local restaurant. Each of these scenarios has a different PR goal, and, most importantly, the media outlets that need to be targeted will be different and so will the journalists willing to write about these topics. We can help you reach the right audience – people who are going to buy your product, use your service or otherwise benefit from your brand.

Talk to us about: 

  • Generating media interest in your products or services Responding to enquiries from the press and other media representatives locally and internationally 
  • Creating content, press releases and news reports about the work of your organisation 
  • Monitoring media coverage · Preparing media evaluation reports 
  • Attending press conferences and media interviews
  • Organising media events and promotional activities
  • Generating ideas to gain more media coverage
  • Developing story pitches
  • Integrating social media into PR strategies
  • Engaging your audience at all levels

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